Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A test in patience

This past week has been very trying for me. Last Thursday, I started having contractions about 10 minutes apart after I got off of work. They lasted that entire evening all the way through the next day. I saw my OB on Friday; he felt I was in early labor, but couldn't tell me if this would last for a day or for weeks. I was dilated 2 cm at that time. I tried to rest on Saturday, but early Sunday morning I woke up with contractions five minutes apart. I thought this was it....Ian was coming. Jason and I went to the hospital at 2 am and were promptly sent home at 4 am because I wasn't progressing. I've been on partial bed rest since then. The contractions have slowed down (thank goodness......I don't like to be in pain if I'm not going to have a baby!) I'm no longer working, and I'm supposed to sit on the couch all day. This is obviously impossible with a two year old so Jason's mom and our nanny have been watching Landry all day. This is very difficult for me. I'm used to being very active and I'm having a hard time sitting still. Of course, as soon as I start doing too much, I have more contractions. I'm trying to enjoy the rest before the baby comes because I know I will be totally sleep deprived in a few weeks!

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