Friday, September 7, 2007

A little scare

Tuesday was a little scary. Shannon called me about 2:30 pm and had not felt the baby move all day. She had tried all the normal things (eating, drinking a coke, lying on her side) be he seemed to be unresponsive. She was very upset so we dropped everything and headed to the doctors office.

We spent 2 hours on the monitor checking for heartbeat and movement. The heartbeat was normal speed but not variable? He was also still not responsive. The doc called this "not ominous, but not reassuring." What!!?!? They gave us another sonogram to check things out and everything looked good. However, the doc had us check in the hospital to monitor the baby for a few hours straight and make sure. After an hour or so, and dinner in the hospital, Ian started moving around a little bit. Everyone felt good enough to let us go home that evening. Thanks goodness everything was ok! By the next day all was normal (lots of movement).

Shannon had her normal OB appointment this morning and is already dilated 1 cm. She is having some contractions maybe 1 or 2 per hour. Guess I better get busy prepping the baby stuff!

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