Friday, September 28, 2007

Landry's Traumatic Experience

Landry needless to say is not coping well with her little brother. She has generally gotten very clingy to Mommy and Daddy especially when they are holding Ian.

I got a call from Shannon about 2:30 yesterday, that Landry had fallen and hit her face on the granite surrounding our fireplace and was bleeding. She had knocked a couple of teeth loose. She was dancing (trying to garner some attention) and slipped on a blanket and fell.

I hurried home and rushed her to the pediatric dentist to have her checked out. She seemed fine in the waiting room, but once we hit the dentist chair it was bloody murder. Shane Moore's office was awesome by the way. Very patient with us and gave her lots of toys, balloons, stickers and attention diverters. We finally got an xray (I had to hold her in my lap with the lead blanket over both of us). Sure enough both her top left front tooth and bottom left front tooth is knocked out of socket. Time will tell if they will live or not. Hopefully we won't have to pull the tooth. At least they are baby teeth.

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