Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The belly is growing . . .

We have had some requests for some pics of Shannon prego so here we go. Here is one. We are 33 weeks on Friday. We got Ian's room painted last week blue (of course) and it looks really good. Carpets were cleaned today, so crib consturction should start tomorrow. Mommy is nesting big time so Daddy's got to get to work!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ian Gregory at 30 weeks

We went and had a 4D Sonogram done at the OB office. It was fun to see what Ian is going to look like. We think that he probably looks more like Shannon. He definitely doesn't have the cheeks that Landry has (or Daddy)!
Ian Gregory 4D 30 weeks

Monday, August 13, 2007

Good news from the oncologist

The results of a follow-up bone marrow biopsy were received this morning. It looks like the first round of chemotherapy resulted in a total remission of the cancer cells. Even at the molecular level all things look to be back to normal. The oncologist said this was as good of a result as we could hope for!

Dad will go in starting tomorrow for 3 days of further chemotherapy but with only one of the drugs from the cocktail. It will be done outpatient (which is a relief). This will probable be one of a couple more rounds but they should be less intense given the state of the cancer at this point.

Thanks for all your continued prayers!

Friday, August 10, 2007


Wow. Our computer hardrive burned up a couple of weeks ago and we are just now getting back connected. I have some catching up to do. That will be a weekend project.

Last night we were having dinner and Landry was telling me about the rain and thunder she heard today. I asked her how thunder was made, and she told me very matter of factly, "The clouds bang together and make a loud noise". I am not sure where she got this. But I repsonded, "Very good Landry . . . Are you going to be a meterologist?" "No, I'm a girl" , she answered.