Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ian rolled over

Ian is starting to roll over, which is kinds cool. Here is some new pics of him.

Landry reading to Ian

Landry is turning into a great big sister. She really wanted to read him a book last night. So we loaded him up on her lap and she tried to "read" him a story. She got very disappointed when he wriggled out of her arms.

First day of preschool

Landry started preschool this week at First Baptist. She was very excited and it was all she could talk about. She had a big time and we think it will be really good for her to interact with the other kids. They actually already moved her into a little bit older class because she is ahead of the curve - can we say prodigy?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Pageant "The Journey"

Jason and Ian were both in the Christmas pageant this year. It was a revamped version that folks could walk through and experience the journey of Christ. Jason was a Roman soldier and had a great time playing the part even though it was outside in the freezing cold. Ian was Baby Jesus in the birth scene.

Chick Band

Ok - I know we have been really bad about updating the blog. So New Year's Resolution to get back into it!

To start it off with a bang - check out these pictures from our party over at the Barrick's House where we played games. The debut of "Rock Band" on Playstation 3. Here are some pics of the chick band.