Sunday, October 14, 2007

The things children say......

Over the past two weeks since I've been home, Landry has said some very cute and funny things that I wanted to share. Last week, I was watching a young couple get married on the Today show. The bride, of course, was in a beautiful wedding gown. Landry was intrigued by this princess in her Cinderella dress and Landry promptly wanted to put on her Cinderella dress. She understood that the bride was getting married like her mommy and daddy did. However, she wanted to wear her dress so she could marry her daddy!

Landry has been very interested in watching while I change Ian's diaper. Ian absolutely hates getting his diaper changed and screams throughout the entire ordeal. The other day while I was changing him Landry apparently felt sorry for him and kept saying "poor little guy....poor little guy." Where does she come up with these things?!

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