Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bathtime for Mermaid

This is kinda long and probably only funny to me but . . . Landry wanted to give her Little Mermaid doll a full bath today. So she took Mermaid's clothes off and took her to go potty, wiped, flushed. Then got her bath ready, washed hair, body parts. Dried her, put a diaper and jammies on her. Basically went through the exact same routine that I do with her every night. I got most of it on tape until I ran out of memory for the diaper/jammies part.

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Slaughter Fam CEO said...

Barrett and I watched this together. He started repeating "almost done" with Landry and was very interested in the bathtime process for dolls. Something tells me Cleo's dolls are about to get cleaner. Landry is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!