Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trip to Kauai, Hawaii

We just got back last weekend from Hawaii. We went with our good friends Chris and Rebecca Gleason and had a great time. The weather was great while we were there as was all of the food.

A couple of highlights:
We stayed at the Grand Hyatt on the island which was absolutely gorgeous. They have some unbelievable manicured grounds with lagoons, pools, and some of the best restaurants on the island.
From 2008-09 (Hawaii) - Favorites

We went to a official laui at the hotel which was actually really good. I thought it would be cheesey, and it started out that way. But the food was great and they did a lot of traditional dances from the area - so we had a great time.

Next day we went on a snorkel, sunset dinner catamaran up the Na Pali coast. We got to see some great coastline - with some of the most dramatic coastline you will ever see. Downside - it was really choppy! So much so that we couldn't stop to snorkel - also there were some tiger sharks in the water, as evidenced by the sea turtles beaching. Jason was the only one that took full advantage of the all you can eat and drink option on the boat, as everyone else stayed near the back and close to the rail.
From 2008-09 (Hawaii) - Favorites

We spent at least of couple of days exploring the islands. We had a great hike to some waterfalls in Wiamea Canyon, drove around to the north side of the island and hit some beaches, and viewed the numerous waterfalls on the island.
From 2008-09 (Hawaii) - Favorites

The girls took a whole day and hit the spa toward the end of the week and Chris and I played golf on a great course at Poipu.
From 2008-09 (Hawaii) - Favorites

Of course, we spent alot of time hanging at the pools, sleeping on the hammocks, reading and relaxing. The hotel even had a great waterslide that we probably collectively hit about 78 times.
From 2008-09 (Hawaii) - Favorites

Here is a slide show of some of my favorite pictures:

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