Monday, May 26, 2008

Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Phone System

I bought this set sweet phone set for the house. I am super impressed by the panasonic KX-TH1211. Here is the review I wrote up for Amazon . . .

The KX-TH1212 is a great product. As far as phone features it has everything that I was looking for and needed:
1.) DECT 6.0 - my previous 2.8 gHz was interfering with the baby monitor and wi-fi.
2.) Call Waiting, Caller ID, Phone book, Intercoms
3.) Speakerphone
4.) Expandable (we needed 4 handsets for the house)
5.) Phones just need a plug

We did not need or want an answering machine. We use the Call Notes feature on our phone so an answering machine was unnecessary and bulky.

I LOVE the cell phone feature. I always leave my cell phone (usually by accident) on vibrate or in my jean pocket, or placed in the bathroom etc. Now once I am home, the home phone rings when I get a call on my cell. I set it up for a different ring tone so that I know it is coming from my cell.

The other bonus I hadn't thought about when I bought this is that the base unit can sit on its own. All of the handsets are independent. So I actually stuck the base unit in my computer area plugged into the land line. The phone units are spread around the house with only their charger nearby.

This is perfect to use at the ranch because we don't have a landline there, only cell service.

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