Wednesday, February 13, 2008

4 months of maintenance down . . .

Lots of folks have asked how my Dad is doing and I haven't been very good about keeping an update on this site. We are officially in the no news is good news state so there is not a whole lot to report.

The good news is that it has been 4 months since he started his maintenance drugs. There are some side affects during the time he is taking them - general nasueau, itchy skin, but all manageable. 4 months down also means 4 months of monthly blood checks where all of the lab work is looking normal. He will continue this course for the next 8 months and then do a full reevaluation.

Overall, Dad looks great. He is back playing raquetball every day at the athletic club and doing a lot of travleing with my Mom. Most of the time he has a normal appetite. Although, his hair has come back for the most part - he opted to keep it shaved, sporting the bald look around town. I think it is more that he realized his bald spot was bigger than he thought!

Thanks to all for the many prayers for our family. We are ever thankful for the amazing support that we continue to recieve.