Tuesday, June 5, 2007

David to Chicago: Part Two Uhaul Up!

Beautiful Denver at last! Denver really is a great city and I know David is going to miss Golden and all the friends he met there.

When I arrive I find out that David hasn't been able to secure the Uhaul. Apparently the Uhaul was promised to be ready at 12 noon but when he arrived they informed him that the guy that had it rented had not returned it. We decided just to show up at the rental facility and find out for ourselves. When we got there the trailer was sitting on the yard so we filled out the contract. We questioned why they hadn't called us when it came in, where we found out that the UHaul had been promised to two people on the same day. Right as we finished the contract work the other guy came in mad as a hornet nest asking why his trailer wasn't ready. We scurried out the door and on top David's apartment.

David was mostly packed up so we moved most of the boxes, bed, and some furniture down to the UHaul and packed it all up. His friend Lee and Colleen stopped by to help out. We got most everything packed and went over to his storage facility to get the rest. David had gone by earlier and removed the lock on the storage facility. However, when we got there, a new lock had been placed on the unit. We called the owner and he in fact had put a new lock on the unit. We had to wait about 45 minutes for him to come by (two trips since he brought the wrong key the first time) and unlock the unit.

After all this we decided to get some dinner. On the way there we noticed something scraping on the wheel, it sounded like the front right tire was rubbing. I hopped out but we couldn't determine what was making the noise and we couldn't repeat the problem. We decided to watch it and check it out later.

David, for his final meal in Golden, CO , chose a burrito (I have now idea). So we ate out on the patio at Qboda. After all this we were pretty tired so we decided to call it a night and just head out the next day in Golden. We grabbed a beer at the local pub and plotted our travel for the next day.

We wanted to try and get at least half way of our long journey. The whole route was about 980 miles and projecting to take 14-15 hours.

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